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The Ferryman - 25 Day Film Festival Competition

Screening at the beginning of November was a film was our completed film entitled: The Ferryman. Co-writing, shooting, directing, and editing this film was a lot of work to say the least. This Horror/Thriller genre based festival was similar to the 21 Day Film project that I participated in previously, this project had certain criteria that had to be met in order to be screened.

1. Actors had to be from Playhouse West

2. 3-10 minutes

3. Had to incorporate a halloween costume

4. An extreme atmospheric element, like extreme hot/cold/light/dark/rain/fog.

5. One character had to have an impediment.

6. A particular ending slide.

Here is a teaser trailer.

If you're interested in viewing the film, please feel free to contact me. Be aware that there is some language, not suitable for children.

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