Barrett, Servant Stage's Titanic

"Barrett's Song"
In the Telegraph room

In September, I had the privilege of playing Frederick Barrett in Servant Stage's production of Titanic the Musical. This experience ended up being very rewarding. To be perfectly honest, when I accepted the contract I doubted that it was going to be such a pleasant experience. I was commuting about three hours round-trip for rehearsals and shows, and the pay wasn't spectacular. I did the show because it was with a group of people whom I know, enjoy, and were willing to work with my busy schedule, and the role intrigued me.

I came to enjoy this role more and more as I rehearsed and performed. I had a lot of freedom from the director to explore different variations and shades of Barrett. Within that realm, I used my moments on stage to put into practice techniques that I'd be exploring at Playhouse West over the last 10 months to continue to sharpen my craft; taking things personally, believing what is being said, making it about the other actors, etc. I found emotionally preparation to be significantly beneficial as it helped evoke stronger authentic emotional responses and allowed me to be connected to my scene partner in a spontaneous way. Additionally, I found that I was sharing the stage with some very giving actors that made each moment on stage a blast. Each night was a little different, but all ended up being a part of me, a part of Barrett.

Barrett Song Highlight:

Barrett & Bride Duet Highlight:

If you'd like to see extended clips of these songs, or other parts of the show - please let me know!

"Barrett's Song"


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