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Love Cycles - 21 Day Film Festival Competition

Within the Playhouse West acting community in Philadelphia - we've recently started more film based projects/competitions. This past month I worked on creating a film that met the following criteria:

1. In the Romantic - Comedy genre

2. 3 - 7 minutes

3. Had to include a shot of a famous Philadelphia landmark

4. Had to include a specific final credit

5. Lead actors had to be playhouse west students

6. A musical instrument had to be in a shot/hopefully it wasn't arbitrary and actually had something to do with the story.

During this three week project, we wrote/produced/shot/and edited a film that centered around a lonely music teacher who tried something new. Although it was at first an uncomfortable process, in the end, she finds what she was really looking for which was companionship. Awwww....

The project can be viewed at this LINK.

The original concept for the short was something that Anna had been playing around with for a while. It originally was just about the romanticism of moving to a city and being able to bike around, but truthfully there are a lot of problems that come with it ~ flat tires, biking in the rain, having lights or tires stolen, the sweatiness of getting places, breathing in the fumes of cars who come to close, getting hit by cars, pants caught in bikes, getting your bike in and out of a narrow hallway, etc.

We adapted this concept to this short idea. Ultimately, it was a great learning project and honestly was frustrating considering the amount of adaptions and compromises that were made to fit the compressed timeline. The project that was initially a fun passion project, ended up not being as fun and kind of forced to get done. We had a lot of problem with bad weather (which ultimately worked in our favor) and coordinating actors who were trying to work on multiple projects. Once again, working on a limited budget, rushed schedule, we think ultimately compromised quality, but gained some nice experience about what it takes to do something better the next time

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