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Beauty and the Beast - a review

I have just returned to Philadelphia after a fabulous month of June in beautiful Lock Haven, Pa. Just across the river, I had the pleasure of performing in Millbrook Playhouse's Production of Beauty and the Beast, where I got to explore the role of the Beast.

In typical summer-stock fashion, we had about 2 weeks to rehearse and put up the show. A unique space, the "barn" as it is lovingly called, used to in fact be a barn that was renovated to be the 250ish seat thrust style venue. The opening show of Millbrook's 55th season on the Main stage was an exciting venture. Under the direction of Shannon Agnew, we had the pleasure of telling the traditionally highly-spectacle show with the stylistic interpretation of commedia dell'arte and the use of mask.

The role of the Beast as been on my bucket list for a while and I was certainly glad to cross it off. Considering our style of the show, it was a really fun exploration in physical storytelling as to how it relates to the journey of the Beast. Here is a link to a review of the show.

There were many other highlights of the show, but it definitely took every member of the cast to get our show done. A show that typically has cast of over 25 actors, we told with 18. You can imagine the amount of running around and changing that our ensemble did throughout our show. It certainly took every single member to tell our story and I was so thankful to be supported by them.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible ensemble of talented performers. Our Belle had a powerful instrument packed in her tiny frame, and she certainly looked stunning every night in the classic golden dress.

We closed just this past Saturday and the major of the cast will be opening Sister Act this upcoming weekend. Break a leg, friends!

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