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Beauty and the Beast--coming this June!

As spring is quickly rolling along, I haven't been updating this much at all. I've never really gotten into the habit of it as I oscillate between journalling on paper, and digitally. About a month ago, I was accepted a contract to play the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, this coming June at Millbrook Playhouse. This role is particularly exciting to me as when I was just finishing college, I was in multiple rounds of callbacks for the Beauty and the Beast National tour. At the time, I was being looked at for both the Beast and Gaston, with the likelihood of being a swing for the two roles in the production. That particular audition experience was a great learning and growing time for me as I made many audition protocol mistakes in my excited, neurotic, naiveté. Having auditioned hundreds of times since then, I really appreciate the opportunity to play this part. I'm sure that I'm more equipped to play this role than I was 4 years ago--and I'm not just talking about the long hair. I've grown a lot as a person and a performer and excited to bring all of those experiences to the stage.

#acting #thankful #beautyandthebeast #beast

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