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a snowy shoot

This past weekend, a small team set out to shoot a short story. We had joked during pre-production how "epic" it would be to shoot part of our short in the snow. Man those conditions would be great for the story!..and low and behold we did. Truth be told, I think it really is great for the story, but I inherently added to the difficult of the conditions for the shoot. After a long 20 hour work day, and we completed shooting for Seasonal since we shot in the amazing coincidental snowy weather...we have found a problem...After reviewing some of the footage, we had some camera issues with a few of the takes that were likely our best performances. We cannot reproduce the conditions and thus cannot re-shoot.

Do we have enough to tell the story, I think so, however, because of continuity, it's a question of either re-shooting the entire thing, or making due. We have yet to officially determine our choice, but of now we aim to make do.

#film #snow #SeasonalVengeance #acting #improvising

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