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Career Update--Walnut Street Theatre and films to come!

Well, it has certainly been an incredibly long time since I have updated this. The end of 2017 was swept away with holidays and extra work of life...and here we are at another marking holiday to're half way through February of 2018. Time is flying.

Some updates: I recently accepted a role at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia for an understudy role in a production of Noises Off. I am very excited to be a part of this production as it is the first equity house that I will have worked in—and I will now be EMC. Working in an equity house was one of my goals for this year. With that goal in mimd, it has highly determined the work that I’ve taken or haven’t taken—for me, if it wasn’t a theatre that was directly tied to equity, I have been more quick to say “no,”to projects that might take me away from home for extended periods of time. When I said yes to getting married, I said "no" to some things. Unfortunately, acting and creating really needs flexibility in order to be as available as possible, and I limit that. However, my relationship with my wife needs to come first and we still make sacrifices together. So I am very thankful to have landed this opportunity to work just down the road from where we are now basing out of, in Philadelphia, PA.

I was in a commercial that shot here in Philadelphia, just last week.

In the last few months, there have been some major changes in the way that I work outside of auditioning and film making, and it consumed a lot of my time in the fall. That "work of life," I mentioned really comes down to being able to pay for living haha. In addition to substitute teaching, I am currently finishing up a certification in Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and have been working as an independent photographer. I played hockey and baseball up through part of college and have always enjoyed fitness and helping people, so I'm excited to see how this might be a fulfilling job that still provides me the flexibility to create.

Flexibility is also something I've been able to really appreciate when working as a photographer. It has been a major blessing to work with other with other actors, but in a different capacity. I have a number of years experience and understanding in the business of acting, love working with people, and frankly—love photography. I have been a hobbiest for a number of years. Long story short, there was an opportunity to potentially teach photography at the school my wife works at, and this eventually lead me to substitution opportunities. Before finding out I wasn't able to fill the role, I really began refining my craft of photography. On top of that, I really enjoyed it! So I’m currently working on branding and marketing my audio/visual work to be another form of income, and doing something I enjoy. I have been hired as a headshot photographer as well as doing some sports photography for a surfer. The beaches are quite cold in January for the record.

I started taking acting classes in the late fall at a studio in Philadelphia called Playhouse West. Between projects, I desire to grow. There are habits that I want to actively work to overcome. Being at PHW has been challenging and I have certainly found that this "slow-grind to change" is worth the perseverance. Based in Meisner training, I am being challenged to confront the craft of acting in a new way that is based more in emotional response than in intelligence. Training the gut and not the head. I have found I have often wanted to “be in the moment,” but pull myself out by being way too much in my head. I also struggle to be emotionally available and pliable. So I have come to this studio to explore new techniques, and it has been very cathartic. It has also been humbling to feel like starting back at ground zero when I have been working at acting for a number of years. I really enjoy learning from our teacher, Tony Savant. I learn from him every time I go into class, about acting, but also about teaching. I find him to be very inspiring. Something else that I really appreciate about the studio is it comprehensive approach and value of watching, reading, analyzing acting, and to get out and simply create. My desire has often been to “do it all.” It has been so encouraging and fulfilling to be surrounded by other artists who are excited to get out and tell stories as well.

So that being said, our next short, is scheduled to shoot this weekend. We had originally scheduled it for January, but delayed due to some complications of the shoot that we have hopefully straightened out. Fingers crossed.

Alright, until next time! Hopefully it won’t be so many months before updating--Hershey and Hallmark thank you for the support today.

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