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Quote--Goal Setting

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."-CS Lewis.

The last year has been an amazing year of growth and exploration. I think for a long time I was held by the idea of having to continue down the course I thought I was meant to go down....whatever that ignorant statement means. Because truth be told, that just isn't how life is working for me. There isn't a manual, or one fixed way of doing things, and I have gain new perspective every day this past year...just as most people have...and with that, it's time to make some adjustments. In the last few months, I have begun exploring the skills and aptitudes I possess to be combined with my interests in pursuit of a some sort of cohesive skillset that might translate into a career or job--that's a mouthful. As the new year comes around the corner I am setting goals that I have never attempted before, and it kinda scares me. I kinda like that it scares me.

I am not going to explain all my rational, but wanted to write them down in a place so that I can see them and be able to reflect on them. I want to make realistic goals for this upcoming year and strategies to achieve them. At the end of the year, I will review and reset.

One of my biggest and most exciting goals this year is to finish preproduction for our first budgeted film where we hope to raise funds, cast out actors from the region/nation, and shoot over a number of days. I know that's super vague, but in order to do that--the current working script needs to have a solid draft by the end of May, a finalized draft by July, begin crowd funding by August--hoping those goals are met by October to begin casting and planning to shoot in 2019.

This year I want to work in an equity house. I aim going to do this by auditioning at least 36 times this year for equity houses.

I want to run another Spartan race this year--but more so than go to beat a certain time, I'd like to do it with a group or do a longer race.

I want to learn to ride a motorcycle. I tried taking the free course in PA last year, but they fill up really quickly. If I am unable to take the course this year, I am going to look into taking the course at a Harley Davidson shop.

I also have some financial goals which I have written down elsewhere--but in short it has to do with responsible budgeting as well as taking steps towards consistent investing.

Bring it on 2018!

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