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Alright, it's been way too long since I've updated the work that I've had going on in the business, so here's WHAT'sNEW!

We opened our first production of Luther in early September, about a month ago, (Jeeze I'm late on posting). Overall it was a well received show, however there were some technical difficulties. With our load in time only being on "show day," it didn't provide ample time to deal with the issues that are inevitable in a production of our scale. With over 40 members in the band and orchestra, over 150 people in a choir, a film team introducing new equipment to the ensemble, the ensemble of 10 singers, there was bound to be an issues somewhere. That all being said, there were some mic/sound issues that prevented some of the ensemble members from being understood clearly and a variety of audience members mentioned a general uneven mix to the sound (with occasional feedback or buzz). An incredibly difficult task that our sound team was presented with, and all things considered, things went fine. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed that it really wasn't up to par for the amount of time spent into making this even happen. Our next show is coming up in a couple of weeks and the situation surrounding the performance is a little more ideal, with build in load in time not on the day of the show. I have no doubt, it will be a more technically "sound," show...see what I did there. K.


Alongside Justin Doughty, we shot of video for the 2017 Couch Contest which will go live at the beginning of November. Our short is called Burrowed Love hi-lighting the prompt and sale of Burrow couches. I wrote, produced and Co-directed the piece, and Justin did a majority of the shooting and editing. We are excited to see what kind response we will receive and hope to win some money, that's never a bad thing. I will post a link to the page when it goes live on Moozikoo's youtube channel, as they are the organization running the contest.


I finished filming for the Pope series in Philadelphia. Got the chance to observe some classic film making/overcoming obstacles as the team made a mistake having a particular person in a shot they weren't supposed to be in, and then how to cover that up. Excited to see the final product, should come out in March of next year.


Booked and shot a TV commercial for Postmates, that's really about all I can say about it. It was a fun set with some fun characters. I had to spit out some tongue twisters in quick was a little taxing on my brain, but we got it done.


I had a couple of callbacks up in NYC for some shorts, one of which was a football film that is shooting in Austin, TX. That would've been cool--but until you hear something/book it/ you assume you don't. I'll be sure to let you know what does get booked, even if it is a month or two late (classic Adler). Currently have a couple of callbacks schedule for the next couple of weeks: I have been called back for MacBeth and MacDuff for a touring production of the Scottish play that would take place next spring, and am in callbacks for a feature that would shoot on Long Island Nov-February.

I have recently taken a more intentional approach to exploring photography and what it means to communicate story. This evolved a little in designing story boards to communicate with videographers for some current projects in the making. More of that work can be found on my Instagram.

Currently have a couple of shorts in pre-production with a time line to begin shooting around December 1st. More details to come on that a little later.

Until next time--Adler.

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