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What's NEW?!?

This has been a crazy busy month! I feel a little bummed that it's taken me this long to update; but oh well! Here are some updates in my acting career and life!

A little over of a week ago, I wrapped on a project called Sa danse, which is a thesis film for Full Sail University. Only shooting a few days, I had the privilege of working alongside some very talented cast and crew in this memoir style narrative very close to the director/writer's heart. I had the opportunity to be a sophisticated ballroom dancer of the 60s, as well as a villainous member of a dance company. Hoping to see some final cuts of this festival worthy short sometime near the end of the year.

In the last month I have continued to rehearse for the American Premiere of the German originated show Luther. The show surrounds the life of Martin Luther and the conflict that sparked the historical movement known as the Reformation. Some themes in the show include questions like--what happens when and individual's rights are realized contrary to the desire of those who create the social and economic structure? (that was kind of a mouthful)...and it's told from a personal perspective. Luther seeks to bring these historical events to life in a contemporary setting. Our first show is September 17th at the Junction Center in Lancaster, PA. If you are in the area and would like to be a part of the show, we are continually looking for choir members in the show. For more details about the show and ticket prices, please visit the WEBSITE.

Just this last week, I wrapped on a project shooting in Philly called POPE: The Most Powerful Man in the World. This show will be on a CNN sub-channel using historical experts to analyze the papal influence over many centuries. There isn't a whole lot that I can say at this time about my involvement or plot lines--but I can tell you that it doesn't end up very well for my character...

...and this is how the day only got worse from here.

An ongoing project that I am working on is a short called Unconscious that is being produced by CreativeScales. This story takes the audience on a who-done-it journey mixed with deceit, amnesia, and murder. I'm excited to be a part of this project as we shoot through September and will hopefully have a final product by the beginning of 2018.

I have had a number of auditions and submissions this month, a handful of callbacks, and a handful of offers that I either outright turned down/wouldn't work with the previous contracts mentioned. I am currently in some final discussions with an agent about potential representations which is certainly exciting! It has been a pretty hectic month in trying to make wise use of my time and assets--but I am still going out there and trying to make some art and/or entertainment to make dreams come true!


In regular life news! My wife and I moved to Philadelphia, PA just a couple of weeks ago. She has taken a job teaching a film program at a high school and I couldn't be more excited. My wife has been nothing but supportive for the last 3+ years as we've moved around the country pursuing my career. This was our 4th official move in 2 years, not to mention all the shorter stays in between.

Having been based out of NYC for the last few months, it was a little frustrating or discouraging to think of leaving all the opportunities that come with being in the Big Apple, but I am so thankful to be in the same place as my wife. After long talks, tears, prayer, sweat, and difficult parking, we are here. Honestly, we love it already. And! it isn't like I am that far from NYC. If I have a reason to be there, I can be in Midtown in just over 2 hours. Some people living on Long Island have the same amount of travel time to get into Midtown.

So Philly is where we are going to be making our new home for a while--hopefully for at least a year--because moving just isn't that great.

When we vowed to get married, we chose to put each other first, and commitment to each other first, desiring that our marriage wouldn't just survive but thrive. We haven't by any means achieved where we want but it is what we desire. I don't think we ever actually "arrive," but that's a different discussion. Being in the same place was a good step to really investing in a relationship that we can build a life around.


I was just sitting here re-reading what I wrote about moving, and realized that I hadn't mentioned "my wife's name..." and thinking back on other posts....I'm not sure I have. We live in a world of information, especially with social media. I haven't chosen to highlight Anna's name just for her privacy I guess...but it wouldn't be that hard to figure out. So sometimes if I navigate that kinda strangely...that's why...I might edit this post later after I think about it some more.


Anyway...ANNA and I took a trip up to the Catskills to see one of our dear friends perform in Shadowland Stages' production of The Foreigner. I knew nothing about the play going into it, and laughed throughout. I could see how some people from the South could potentially have been offended by it, but comedy walks the lines of offense. Being a person with ties to the South, I wasn't offended at all--and any show that makes fun of the idiocy of the KKK is a winner in my book.

We also had the fun time of setting up a tent in a downpour before going to the show. That was an experience to remember.

Alright, so there is a brief update on what is new in my life, until next time hope you all can see something in the world that challenges/inspires you; I'd encourage you to look for it outside a window rather than in front of a mirror!-Adler

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