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Vesper--a nasty knight.

When I was younger called First Knight with Sean Connery and Richard Gere. It's plot revolved around the mythology of King Arthur and the knights of the round table with some delicious drama woven into it--granted I was fairly young when I watched it, I remember being so taken by this story of complicated love and epic sword fighting. As I would re-watch these movies over and over again, I would fight alongside the conflicted Lancelot (Gere) as he fights to protect the realm against the villain Malagant (Ben Cross). Later I would see movies and shows like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Game of Thrones, Kingdom of Heaven, Vikings, Spartacus and Spartacus, Troy, 300, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Zorro, The Princess Bride, The Dualist, and many, many, more adventure movies and shows that I won't bore you with discussing. I think you get the impression of what I'm talking about. I have no doubt that being drawn to these stories at a young age influenced my enjoyment and desire to perform in roles like D'Artagnan in The 3 Musketeers, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, and many others that find themselves in combative situations.

I recently had had the opportunity to wrap another one of these roles on a set called Vesper. In this short, which will be used as a proof of concept, I had the opportunity to play the role of Sir Fredrick Sebastian who is truly a nasty character. I am not at liberty to disclose much at this time but will once the short has been released.

Had a great time on set and enjoyed working alongside some really talented individuals and a very efficient crew.

(Just a side note: I had some particular fun moments with the "good-guy" when the camera wasn't rolling and pretending to hate each other. My dark haired counter-part, Logan Roberts, and I almost have the same birthday and quoted similar movies and played similar sports and have long hair and...had a bunch of other story Adler...ok....well...)

I'm excited to see the final product!

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