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Servant Stage Workshop

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of teaching a stage combat workshop for a summer camp created by Servant Stage. I was hired a couple of months ago to teach a master class for the theatre camps that had students ranging from 10-18 years old, with anywhere from 30 to 50 kids in the group, and a mixed range of experience. I wouldn't necessarily call it "ideal" for some of the intricacy that I like to spend with new students. But I love teaching, especially stage combat as it's something that I've been studying and exploring since I was in college, so I said yes.

IT WAS SO FULFILLING! Being surrounded by a bunch of kids who were jazzed to learn theatre, to learn how to act, and they having fun while doing it. I think if nothing else, the students had an hour to laugh with a kinda intense guy with crazy hair. It was a great reminder of the joy that can come from just doing the craft and remember what it is just to play...that is what we like to go see after all...plays. Sometimes the business can try to strangle that away.

So I just wanted to give a bit of a shout out to Servant Stage Company and the culture that they've created for their camps. This comes right from the heart of Servant Stage and the mission that they have to bring quality theatre to the Lancaster, PA area at an affordable price. Also wanted to say thanks to Jonathan and Wally for having me out, and would love to continue to be a part of the Servant Stage team if another opportunity presents itself in the future.

Here's a little bit more about Servant Stage:

If you'd like to visit their website, click HERE.

So if you're ever in the Lancaster area and they have a show going on, it is certainly worth the time to check out one of their shows. Break a leg to the cast of Sing, Sing, Swing, opening this weekend!

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