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Luther, an American Premiere

I mentioned the in my "What I've been up to Update," about being a part of the cast in the American Premiere of a show called Luther. I just wanted to give a little more detail about that, as it is a project I'm really excited to be a part of:

Luther was originally produced in Germany under the direction and vision of Michael Kunze and Dieter Falk. I got wind of this project over a year ago as a very dedicated man, named Drew Pulver was contacted to begin translating the piece into English if the opportunity ever arose for this story to be told in English speaking countries. There has been an incredible amount of time and effort involved to get us to this point. From the translation, to a team of people to create a demo, to the many, many other things that have to happen to get a show we are in rehearsals about to open this show in September.

Check out this promotional video:

If you'd like more information about the production, ticket information, or how to get involved, just visit our website at !

On the website there is a link to the original German Website (in English), if you'd like to go visit it directly: HERE

I will touch back later with some more information and production photos! Catch you next time!

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