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What I've been doing lately--UPDATES!

SO...thought that I would fill you in on what's I've been up to recently including: some bigger auditions, film projects, and the like. I'll keep it brief with the most recent stuff being at the bottom!

Earlier this year I was cast across actor Ronnie Quillen to be a part of a short entitled Foxtrot. Shooting in the beautiful area around Syracuse, NY, this 3 day shoot/4 day trip was set to have a great finished product that I was very excited to see. But due to a freak accident, the copies of the film were lost in a damaged hard drive. Truly disappointing on many accounts.

As written about earlier this year-- I performed in a touring production of an original work called Sleeping Ugly in conjunction with Identity Theatre in NYC.

Click here to read a review of the show

I acted in a short that is now in post production called 'Vesper,' where I play the antagonist. We shot over a months worth of weekends in various parts of New Jersey, but primarily in the Colts Neck area.

I was cast in an episode of 'On the Case with Paula Zahn,' where we had some pretty crazy things happen on set. In the midst of this professional "night-shoot" set, I was driving a car and had the breaks fail in the rain, which caused me to crash into a big was either that or drive it through a chain link fence into a mild drop-off into a creek... Anyway, it was an exciting shoot to say the least. There were other things that just added to the feeling of..."what is happening right now?" but we got all the stuff we needed to get done.


I've had the opportunity to have many auditions and tapings within the last few months, even in this slow season of summer. I got to the final days of callbacks for a Amazing Grace National tour based out of DC for the role of John Newton, the final days of callbacks for Billy in a production of Carousel, and 6 callbacks for a variety of different shorts. To be honest, a couple of those callbacks could have gone...a lot better...but if nothing else they were great learning experiences and reminders of how tough it really is to go after what you want. Also I am not one of those actors who particularly enjoys auditioning, but because it's the majority of what our job requires, I continue to try and find ways to audition smarter, use my preparation time efficiently, and "leave it all in the room." Combining those callbacks with a dozen other auditions, I would say that it's been a busy few months.

Most recently I was contracted as a featured soloist and ensemble member in the American Premiere of the German Oratorio of Luther. This is an pop/rock-operetta that was written about the historical drama surrounding Martin Luther's life and the way he catalyzed the time period known as the reformation. We are currently in rehearsals and will open in September in select locations. I will update this more in the near future, but I actually have to head out to rehearsal.

For more information about venues and ticket prices visit our website!

Catch yah soon, and thanks for reading!

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