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Everyone has heard that every story is essentially one of seven basic plot points, right? We can think back through the many stories we've told, read, or watched, and there are strikingly similar arcs, right? The hero's journey and Aristotle's emphasis on the importance of plot, have certainly shaped my passion about what makes a good story.


I just came across an article that was published back in 2004 by Kasia Boddy reviewing The Seven Basic Plots, by Christopher Booker. In the article, Boddy interestingly enough analyzes Booker's own writing style as being...a quest.

Considering that I believe everyone has a story to tell, it was just an interesting little read and includes the backbone of a lot of storytelling.

Here is the link if you're interested!​

#storytelling #storyarch #KasiaBoddy #TheSevenBasicPlots

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