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an FSU Showcase kind of night

I was really proud and excited for the young talent from FSU that I had the privilege of viewing yesterday afternoon. I had no doubt that my friend Angel Lozada, would perform wonderfully, but I all around enjoyed the strength of the showcase-granting my friendship with Angel still left me a little partial.

As the showcase began, the audio system seemed to have some strange levels that left me a little concerned, straining to understand a couple of the singers' diction--but the muddled vocals turned crisp in a matter of moments. It might have been just my seat in an unfamiliar Florence Gould Hall, and my ears needing a moment to adjust to the acoustics.

This was my first "musical theatre" showcase and I was expecting the showy dancing and singing; however, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of acting/emotional depth from a few of the performers throughout, moving me in my seat. Some of my favorite moments in the evening included: "Manhattan," performed by Taylor Marie Sherry, "Sandcastles," performed by Angel Lozada, "Even Though," performed by Taylor-Kate Eubanks, and "Monticello," performed by Britton Hollingsworth, just to name a few.

Best of luck in the future talented folks--remember why you're doing what you do! Break legs and smile!

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