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Adler Roberts

At the core of every human, there is a story. I tell those stories.

Actor: It's the best excuse to do whatever your gut desires, and for an instant, ignore all expectations of the world.

Filmmaker: I find fulfillment and pursue creating culturally relevant stories that can further positive change.

Human: I desire to write a story that improves mankind with my life.

A little bit more about why I do what I...

I love a good underdog story. I love the outliers. The stories that speak the voice of the voiceless. I love seeing moments in stories when obstacles (whether internal or external)are finally overcome. I am passionate about hearing those real life stories, as they shape who I am as a creator. 


One of these integral stories is my brother's life. My older brother is an awesome man with Down Syndrome. He not only has a little added attraction; Spencer has undergone over 20 surgeries including open heart surgery when he was very young, and has overcome Leukemia. Needless to say, he's a stud. I wouldn't trade anything for the time that I've spent with him and the experiences of observing others around him. Probably needless to say, there are things about his life that has changed me, beyond explanation in one short paragraph. 


In the midst of whatever work I may be doing--if it is something that "just pays the bills," I am searching and/or planning for the next story that allows me to explore those deeper areas of the human condition. 


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